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Abu Garcia Fishing Reels

Abu Garcia Reels

Abu Garcia produces a premier line of fishing reels that can be used for many types of recreational and commercial fishing. These reels are outfitted with a range of gear ratios, extending from 1.0:1 up to 9.0:1, enabling anglers to select a reel that can handle the target fish species and tackle used. Abu Garcia reels are designed for use in both saltwater and freshwater environments.

Which types of fishing reels are available?

Abu Garcia offers several different reel types that you can select from, including the following:

  • Spincast: This kind of reel comes with a closed face in order to protect the important components. When casting, there is a thumb button to press as you bring the rod forward that casts out the line. Once you take your thumb off the button, the line will stop, providing you with a means of casting out the line to the spot you are aiming for.
  • Baitcast: This type turns the spool as you cast, which means that you need to apply thumb pressure on the spool when you want to stop the line. Doing so can help prevent backlash once the cast is complete.
  • Spinning: With an open face design, a spinning reel is versatile, providing you with the ability to place a substantial amount of line on it before you go fishing.
What is a low-profile reel?

Low-profile reels are designed to be ergonomic and user-friendly, which is why they are typically light and include only essential features. These low-profile reels also carry a small amount of line in order to help ensure that the rod does not become too heavy as you fish.

What are some features available with these reels?

The features available with these Abu Garcia reels depend primarily on which model you choose. With many models, you will be provided with a lightweight design that makes use of carbon and alloy construction. Many of these reels have the MagTrax brake system that allows you to accurately cast a line with a heavy load, while a large number are also equipped with extended cranking handles and power knobs that provide additional torque when pulling in difficult fish. Many have an advanced gear design that provides efficiency when casting.


Some additional features that might be available on your selected reel include a carbon matrix drag system that helps to ensure consistent drag and resistance and an alloy frame for good corrosion resistance. Some can also have numerous ball bearings that help to keep the operation of the device smooth and rocket line management that helps with control of the line. Depending on the type of reel you select, you could also be provided with features like an anti-reverse system, slow oscillation technology, and an Everlast bail system for extra durability.

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