Adapters, Mounts & Tubes for Nikon F Camera Lens

Use a Lens Adapter to Increase Your Versatility in Photography

Modern cameras allow amateurs to produce professional photos for a fraction of the cost. The wide range of lenses available, such as those offered by Leica, complement the rapidly expanding technology behind cameras. An adapter allows you to take advantage of all the different lenses out there. So, if you own a Nikon F, and you want to use a Leica lens, youll need an adapter to make it happen.

What Is a Lens Adapter?

  • A lens adapter is a tiny metal ring that attaches to your camera so that you can use lenses not specifically designed for your device.
  • Each adapter is made for a different type of lens or set of lenses. Make sure the adapter you choose is right for the lens you want to use.
  • Since every camera is different, the available adapters are also different. For example, Nikon cameras will have a different adapter than Canon models. Typically, adapters are sold according to lens type and camera type. The Nikon F is a popular camera, and therefore, a lot of adapters are available for many different types of lenses.
  • One of the reasons its so important to get the right lens to is to keep the aperture the same. The aperture determines the light and the quality of the photo, so you need to make sure theres a seamless fit.

Why Would I Need a Lens Adapter?

  • Perhaps youve decided to change your camera after having used it for many years. Its quite possible the new camera is incompatible with all the lenses, tubes, and mounts you bought for your first camera. Instead of buying a whole new set of equipment, you can purchase an adapter that allows you to use your old lenses on your new camera.
  • The lenses you want or need are not always made and sold by camera companies. So you may have a Nikon F camera, but you may find you like the lenses offered by Leica better. Instead of changing cameras, a lens adapter allows you to use all the different lenses out there on your same camera.
  • Photographers, like all other creative types, like flexibility. An adapter allows you to try out new equipment and be able to capture the perfect photo in many different contexts.

What Are Some Limitations of Lens Adapters?

Theyre useful devices, but they cannot do everything.

  • Most adapters are designed only to provide a physical fit. This means some of the digital functions on your camera may not work.
  • Some features, such as autofocus and AE metering, will not work with most lens adapters, so if these are critical to your photography, consider looking for a lens that fits your camera and allows you to use these features.
  • Some more modern lens adapters have a chip in them that alerts you with a beep or a light when something is in focus; however, this is about the extent of their digital functionality.

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