Antique Hall Trees & Stands

Organize Your Outerwear with Antique Hall Trees and Stands

A hall tree or stand is a classic way to keep coats, hats, scarves, mittens, and umbrellas organized and easy to find in an entryway. Coat racks and stands also help you add functionality and your taste to your entryway with a quality item of furniture. They also come in a variety of styles and materials to fit many different aesthetic tastes.

What features can hall trees and coat racks have?

Both hall trees and coat racks can come in a variety of shapes and with many different features, including benches, mirrors, and hooks. They can also stand upright or be wall-mounted. Stands can hold a variety of objects, including keys and mail, in an entryway or other room. There are also some that are designed to hold specific items such as a plant stand, a book stand and an umbrella stand.

What styles of entryway storage are available?

On eBay, there are classic coat racks with multiple pegs to store you and your familys outdoor gear, but there are also items that serve as a place to hold smaller items or containers as well. Some items of entryway furniture serve as a bench to put boots and other items of clothing on, but they can also have pegs to store outdoor clothing and a mirror for you to check your appearance before you leave your house.

What materials are vintage coat racks and stands made with?

Wood is a common material used with vintage furniture, including hall trees. Due to their durability, some common types of wood include oak and hickory. Umbrella stands and the hooks of many coat racks are often made with brass. The material used will also depend on the furniture stands style whether it is traditional, Renaissance, Victorian, or Art Nouveau.

What makes a storage rack or stand antique?

Age is a significant variable, but there are several other factors for determining what is antique furniture, and there isnt a strict cut-off date. Sometimes, a piece that is 50 years old and older can qualify, but high-quality antiques are more in the range of 150 years old or older. Some other factors that are involved include rarity and utility.