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Baby Trend Stroller Accessories

Baby Trend Stroller Accessories

Strollers are a convenient means of transportation for your baby while you are walking. Baby Trend offers several models and accessories to help you keep your little ones comfortable.

What accessories for Baby Trend Sit N Stand are there?

The Sit N Stand comes in several variations, including the LX and DX, the Ultra Sit N Stand, the Double, and the Tag-a-Long Sit N Stand. Baby Trend stroller accessories for the Sit N Stand include the following:

  • Hanging mesh bags
  • Attachable cup holders
  • Weather shields
  • Stroller organizers
  • Stroller hooks
What kinds of Baby Trend stroller accessories offer sensory play?

Adding sensory developmental toys to your stroller can soothe your baby during his or her time in the stroller. It can also engage them and stimulate their sensory development. Some different stroller accessory toys from Baby Trend are described here:

  • Links: These simple, baby-safe links are colorful, teething-friendly, BPA-free, and made of silicone. They easily attach to a Baby Trend stroller and allow a baby to teethe. It also helps them develop their hand-eye coordination.
  • Stroller toy bars: Built to attach to the sides of a Baby Trend stroller, these bars offer engaging, movable toys that whirl and spin with the movement of the stroller. They can attach either in front of an older baby or above the car seat of a baby in a travel stroller.
  • Soft toys: There are a variety of Baby Trend soft toys designed to be attached to strollers. Many are sensory-rich with lively patterns, tactile surfaces, and the durability to withstand teething.
What kind of safety harness should a stroller have?

When considering the type of harness you want for your babys travel needs, carefully inspect the system in your babys car seat and stroller. A good system will be a five-point unit with two shoulder straps that buckle to a waist belt with two sides. It should also have a strap that goes between the legs and has loops for the waist belt.

What kind of safety features are there?

Baby Trend strollers come with a variety of important features. To start with, they are designed to be stable and not pitch backwards. They also have the following features:

  • Brake system: Braking systems allow you lock the tires in place so that the stroller is stationary. In a stroller with front and back wheels, the braking mechanisms hat mechanically stops the rear wheels rather than simply putting pressure on them.
  • Safety latch: For collapsible strollers, there is a separate latch that locks into place to keep the stroller from accidentally collapsing.
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