Men's Wristbands

Mens Wristbands

A wristband is an accessory or piece of jewelry that is worn around the wrist for decoration, identification, or a utilitarian purpose such as holding a watch in place. There are many well-known fashion companies that design and manufacture wrist accessories for men. Bracelets and bands are worn for style, friendship, sports, celebration, or to support and raise awareness for a favorite cause.

What types of material are used to construct mens wristbands?

Many items of jewelry may combine several different materials in one accessory. Some of the materials used to create bracelets, cuffs, and bands for men may include materials as unusual as canvas, patent leather, viscose, velvet, and wool. Some of the more commonly used materials include the following.

  • Synthetics: Acrylic/Nylon/Polyester/Plastic/Silicon/Rubber
  • Material: Cotton/Fabric/Flannel/Velvet/Fleece/Silk
  • Metallics: Gold/Silver/Copper/Steel/Aluminum Alloys
  • Natural Fibers: Leather/Faux Leather/Suede
  • Stonework: Beads/Stones/Crystals/Precious and Semi-Precious Jewels
What brands create bracelets, bands, and cuffs for men?

From metal cuffs to the beaded bracelet, from watchband to sweatband, from leather bracelet to bracelets that bring awareness and raise consciousness and money for charities, there are many design houses that create distinctive and stylish wrist accessories for men. You can find stylish wristbands from fashion houses such as Armani, Hugo Boss, or Ralph Lauren. Classic, yet youthful braided bands are made by Hollister, H&M, or Police. The classic American wristband that says "American Made" are produced by Harley-Davidson or John Deere. There is also athletic wear by PUMA, NBA, or Reebok. With all the choices, there is sure to be an item of jewelry that works for you. Here is a sampling of some additional brands that craft jewelry, including bracelets, watchbands, and sweatbands for men.

  • Abercrombie & Fitch
  • Diesel
  • Ermenegildo Zegna
  • Fossil
  • Handmade
  • Replay
How do you select a band or bracelet?

There are many ways to select a great accessory or a fine piece of jewelry. Use one specific criterion or combine several in your search to find a fantastic band that you can use for style, commemoration, sports, or celebration.

  • Function: Select a purpose, such as a wristband for a watch, a sweatband for a basketball player, or a beaded bracelet for a man of fashion.
  • Brand: Pick an item from a design house that you are interested in.
  • Material: Select a band that appeals to you by the material, whether it is silver, leather, synthetic material, precious stones, or fabric. The material may also be braided.
  • Color: Choose by color. A neutral black or brown is easy to find. Wristbands come in every metallic tone, fabric shade, and beaded color combination imaginable.