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Brita Water Filters

Brita Water Filters

Depending on where you live, your tap water may be unsafe to drink or contain unwanted chemicals. Buying bottled water is expensive and also causes a lot of recycling waste; however, Brita filters provide a great solution for those who want access to clean, refreshing H2O. Brita offers numerous effective filter options to fit any and all lifestyles and filtration needs.

What kinds of filters does Brita offer?

  • Pitchers: Brita has varying sizes of pitchers, which come in two different styles: standard and Stream. Their standard pitchers filter water that is poured into the top. The water then fills the chamber in the bottom of the pitcher and can be poured out. Britas Stream Pitchers incorporate Filter-As-You-Pour technology, allowing you instant access to filtered water.
  • Water bottles: Brita offers bottles with an included water filter in the straw. Many of their water bottles are hard sided, but others are made of softer, lightweight materials.
  • Faucet system: System filters attach directly to your sink faucet and instantly clean the water running through it, providing good and healthy water directly from the tap.
  • Dispenser: Britas dispensers are similar to the normal pitchers, but these hold larger amounts of water, which allows for more convenience and less frequent filling. These filters can be placed in the fridge or on the counter.
How do these water filters work?

Brita filters primarily work through the use of carbon granules that function as magnets, attracting impurities with an ion exchange resin. The carbon is able to effectively bind contaminants, preventing them from entering your drinking water. Many of their products utilize a mesh to extract out larger particles from the water, and they have a porous filter that helps to remove and break down the chlorine taste.

What do Brita products filter out?

All of Britas products help to eliminate the taste of chlorine from tap water. They are also helpful in eliminating other harmful elements from the water, including zinc, copper, cadmium, and mercury. These chemicals can cause long-term damage to the pancreas, kidneys, and liver. By also removing bad flavors, these filters help you drink more water, which can provide you with more energy, improve your metabolism, and help with digestion.

How often do you need to replace Brita filters?

Britas water filters come in three different colors, and each of them needs to be changed after a certain amount of time. The water filters in Britas bottles and the white and gray filters must be changed every two months or so. The blue water filters found in the Longlast products must be changed after about six months while the system filters must be replaced approximately every four months.

How can you safely wash Brita products?

Britas products, especially the reservoir and lid, should be occasionally washed by hand using a mild detergent. Abrasive products should not be used as they may cause damage to the product. Be sure to rinse the product well after washing.