Cell Display: LCD Screens Parts for Motorola Droid Turbo 2

How to Choose an LCD Screen for a Motorola Droid Turbo 2

When its time to replace or repair the screen on your Motorola smartphone, you dont need to take it to a professional. This small repair can be done at home if you have the right parts and tools to take on the task. In minutes, your Droid Turbo 2 can look and feel like a brand-new phone. 

What Comes with a Replacement Assembly?

When youre searching for replacement parts for your Android device, its usually easier to purchase an assembly. This comes with several components needed for display replacement, and your other option is to purchase the parts separately, which could be costlier or more time-consuming.

  • The glass that covers the screen is called the digitizer, and most assemblies come with this important Moto part. When a display is damaged, its usually the digitizer that requires replacement, though you might hear the digitizer and LCD screen referred to as interchangeable terms. In addition, you may want to opt for a shatterproof digitizer to avoid future problems.
  • An assembly comes with the frame for your phone, too. This is the piece to which the digitizer attaches. 
  • Tools that you need for this fix generally come with an assembly kit, so you dont have to purchase additional hardware to make repairs.

Which Tools Do You Need to Replace an LCD Screen?

When your Droid Turbo 2 needs a new screen, youll need specific tools to get the job done. If you purchase a complete kit, youll have the necessary tools at the ready. On the other hand, if you buy parts separately to fix your smartphone, youll need these tools to get the job done.

  • Youll need a miniature version of a Philips screwdriver as well as a mini flathead screwdriver to open the very small screws on your Droid Turbo 2 phone.
  • A spudger is a commonly used tool when making repairs to electronics. This is also called a pry tool.
  • A suction cup can be helpful when youre separating the components of your Droid Turbo phone. Some sets come with a suction cup or you can buy one separately. 

When Should You Replace Your Smartphone Screen?

There are several signs that will let you know that your Droid Turbo 2 needs a makeover in the form of a new Moto digitizer/LCD screen.

  • There are obvious cracks in your Droid screen. Some cracks may look minor, but over time, they can get worse. Splintered glass can become a safety hazard, so its wise just to replace the Turbo 2 display as soon as it becomes cracked to avoid further damage.
  • When your phone no longer responds to your touch, this may mean its time for a new Motorola screen. When the touch function is compromised, you cant use your phone the way you should be able to use it. The screen requires replacement at this stage, even if it doesnt look scratched or cracked. 

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