Cell Display: LCD Screens Parts for Sony Xperia XA

Genuine LCD Screens for Sony Xperia XA

A painful minor accident that most of have experienced is the dropping of your smartphone and picking it up to realize the screen is broken. Luckily, most screens can be replaced thanks to the numerous repair shops. The price of the screen varies depending on the brand of your phone. For example, the Xperia XA from Sony is built using the latest technology hence it can be quite pricey to replace it.

A screen is made of two layers. The outer screen and the liquid crystal display (LCD). The LCD is what powers the phone and gives it a multi-touch response capability. Most innocent individuals with XA smartphones end up being duped into paying high prices for a screen replacement unknowingly because they arent able to know the difference.

How do I know which screen part of my Xperia XA to replace

  • If the image display of your Xperia XA beneath the glass is broken but the touch panel is fine then you only need to replace the LCD. You might also notice some lines that are out of place on the screen.
  • If the multi-touch ability of your XA does not perform, but the images on the screen are just fine then you need to replace the touch panel only.
  • Where you find the touch panel is cracked and the image is black or blurred out then you need an entire screen replacement and the touch panel.

What are the different types of LCD screens?

There are numerous varieties of LCD displays. Different LCD screens for smartphones differ on some factors for example:

  1. Functionality
  2. Power usage
  3. Price

Types of LCD modes

  • Twisted Nematic. These are the screens common in budget Sony smartphones because they are relatively cheaper.
  • Super Twisted Nematic. They are the average screen modes for the mid-range Xperia smartphones. They are a bit expensive than the latter but they lack the high-end features.
  • Color Super Twisted Nematic. This screen mode is characteristic in the Xperia XA and this justifies the high price of the smartphone. Similarly, replacement of such a screen will be quite high.

How to know whether an LCD is original or fake

There are three main elements that determine whether the LCD of a smartphone is genuine or not. These are; marketing, price, and the manufacturing country.

  • Marketing. Most companies advertise their products using some new terms. Similarly, Xperia LCDs have some key terms which you should be careful about. For example, an advertisement like XA smartphone display with Frame Assembly and digitizer might dupe you into thinking that its genuine and its not.
  • Price. You get what you pay for. If you end up getting a cheap LCD for your Xperia XA, high chances are that its a fake. Quality original equipment manufacturer items are costly because of the attention to detail included in the design and manufacture. For instance, a fake LCD does not have multi-touch capabilities.
  • Manufacturing country. Most people have a belief that XA smartphones and LCD screens made in China are of low quality. You need to be careful about the country of manufacture before purchasing a screen.

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