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Exmark Lawn Mowers

The Power of Exmark Lawnmowers

Exmark mowers have been helping to making lawn maintenance easier since 1982. Whether you prefer a walk-behind, stand-on, or riding model, youll get top performance from this brand. Exmark offers both commercial and non-commercial grade equipment on eBay that has the power to handle almost any job.

What is a zero-turn lawnmower?

A zero-turn lawnmower is a powerful riding mower that can pivot in place. It works without a steering wheel so that it can turn on a zero-degree radius. The operator controls two handles that are connected to separate wheel motors. If you want to be able to maneuver around trees with ease and cut down on the time it takes you to mow your lawn, a zero-turn mower may be right for you.

What variations of walk-behind lawnmowers are offered by Exmark?

You can get a new or used walk-behind lawnmower from eBay with a variety of deck widths. Each Exmark model is self-propelled and versatile. If you want a height adjustment system, youll be glad to know that some of the following walk-behind mowers have one:

  • Commercial 21 with front height adjustment and a 21-inch-wide deck
  • Commercial 30 with front height adjustment, twin blades, and a 30-inch-wide deck
  • Metro gear-drive mower with a 32-, 36-, and 48-inch-wide deck
  • Viking model with 36- and 48-inch-wide deck
  • Turf Tracer with a 36-, 48-, 52-, and 60-inch-wide deck
What is a Lazer Z suspension platform?

The Lazer Z suspension platform protects you from vibrations as you ride over bumps. You can adjust the system based on your weight. With Exmark Lazer Z lawnmowers, you can be comfortable while you work.

What is RED on-board intelligence?

This patented mower technology increases the communication between all the operating systems on an Exmark mower. It can help increase productivity, improve fuel efficiency, and make the equipment last longer. Instead of a three-position rocker switch, lawnmowers with RED on-board intelligence have an LED screen with three push buttons. Each button has multiple functions that the mower can perform. The system allows you to choose from Low, Efficient, and Max modes so that the lawnmower can handle many situations. It also monitors the temperature of the engine and the oil pressure so that it can automatically put the mower in Safe Transport Mode when necessary.

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