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FootJoy Golf Shoes for Men

How to Shop for FootJoy Golf Shoes for Men

While its not an absolute requirement to wear golf shoes to play the game of golf, intermediate, expert, and professional players will all agree that golf shoes are imperative to their success. A shoe company that focuses on comfort as well as style, FootJoy has a long line of mens golf shoes that are perfect for any level of player. These casual shoes can not only improve your game, but can help boost your confidence on the green.

What Are Some Features of Golf Shoes?

There are many reasons why star players use them as part of the sport:

  • Firmness: All golf shoes have a firm, sturdy construction that offers you natural arch support, so your feet dont slide back and forth as youre walking or as youre taking a shot. Compared to other athletic shoes, this firm design is lacking, for example, in soccer cleats or cross trainers.
  • Spikes: You dont, of course, wear spikes on every hole, but when you do, it helps prevent against accidents and falls, especially when youre in the rough or water traps. Spikes also improve your grip as you walk, offering a better stride.
  • Support: Golf shoes have a contour that melds in nicely with the shape of your own foot, and extra padding so that feet dont get sore.
  • Breathable fabric: Golf shoes that are made with Gore-Tex or HyperFlex fabric offer supreme breathability, protecting against bacteria as well as moist or sweaty feet.

What Are Some Features and Model Types?

FJ has several different types of popular mens golf shoes that have stood the test of time, including:

  • BOA and all of its derivatives. BOAs are heel-mounted shoes.
  • Originals: The companys original golf shoes.
  • Freestyle: These are modern and sleek golf shoes.
  • DNA Helix: Features a new stability chassis.
  • ICON: These come in both narrow and wide sizes.

How to Size Golf Shoes?

You would size golf shoes just as you would for regular athletic shoes. When shopping these great shoes, it is important to keep some things in mind. See the manufacturer site for details.

  • Half sizes: The company does make these golf shoes in half sizes, so if you normally wear a 9.5, then you would want to select shoes in the same size.
  • Alternative sizes: In addition to regular medium width, you can also look for golf shoes in non-traditional sizes, such as narrow, wide, and extra wide to ensure a perfect fit.
  • Extra large sizes: Sometimes, mens shoes stop at size 12, but you can seamlessly find mens golf shoes that are made for larger feet, such as size 13 or 14.

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