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Hunting Rifle Trigger Parts

Improve Your Aim With Trigger Parts

All rifle parts are meant to influence the accuracy of a shot. The barrel directs the bullet and provides spin, and the stock offers a cushion for the shooter. When you are seeking accuracy, a new or used trigger parts kit is the place to focus.

Why is the trigger important for accuracy?

Rifle accuracy is affected by every movement of the shooter, no matter how slight. The stock is held firmly to the shoulder, the arm supporting the barrel is held stiff, but where the most movement occurs is with the trigger finger. Uneven pressure applied to the trigger exaggerates movement. A smooth trigger with a significant pull weight encourages the shooter to move slowly and deliberately, reducing movement.

What is trigger weight?

Trigger weight is the amount of pressure applied to the trigger by the finger to cause the rifle to fire. Your ideal trigger weight depends on experience and the purpose of the shot. There are some who prefer a loose, mushy, feel to the trigger, with trigger weights of 1 pound to 4 pounds. An inexperienced shooter should begin with a trigger weight of 4.5 pounds to 6 pounds to avoid an accidental discharge.

How many parts are there in a trigger kit?

Trigger parts come in kits with five pieces, all of which can be replaced at any time.

  • The trigger part connects to the hammer, which, when released, causes the rifle to fire.
  • Hammers are included in the kits and are easily replaced.
  • The disconnector pulls the hammer back from the firing pin.
  • A spring moves rounds from the magazine into the chamber after each shot.
  • Pins hold the chamber and magazine in place. Every part can be ordered separately, or you can order a kit to replace the whole mechanism.
Are there different actions with different triggers?

There are two types of trigger actions: single-stage and two-stage.

  • Amateur shooters prefer the single-stage trigger. The operation is simple, but unless the finger sweep is smooth, there will be significant movement at the barrel head.
  • Athletes prefer the two-stage trigger. With two-stage action, the first stage pulls the trigger slowly back to a point where the spring prepares the hammer for release. The second stage involves a slight increase in pressure, which reduces movement and produces a more accurate shot.
  • Both action options are available in reasonably priced kit form on eBay.