Lithium Based Single Use Batteries

How to Purchase Lithium CR123A Batteries

So, youre out camping with your kids and naturally, theyre afraid of the dark. Theres nothing to fear; you have your battery-powered flashlight to protect the kids from nighttime... but you realize that theres a problem. Your battery has died, and the light wont come back on, which wouldnt have happened if youd brought along an extra pack of CR123A batteries.

What Are CR123A Batteries Used For?

Powered by high-performance lithium, these batteries are becoming more common than ever before due to their usage in specific devices and electronics. Their size coupled with their available wattage makes them small but powerful, giving them an advantage over larger, bulkier batteries.

  • You can use the power of a lithium battery to charge up a high-output LED flashlight. Using CR123A versions instead of other types of batteries can actually extend the performance of your devices in some cases.
  • Digital cameras were the first types of devices to use lithium batteries of this size. In fact, many cameras still use these batteries, and you can substitute a CR123A model for any three-volt battery for added power and performance.
  • You can also install lithium batteries in your home smoke alarms, and when you do so, you may find that you wont need to replace them as often as you did before.

Which Brands Make CR123A Batteries?

As with other types of batteries, many brands make lithium batteries, but there are some names youre almost certain to recognize.

  • Duracell makes packs of batteries, usually in blister packs of six, though you can buy eight or 10 batteries as well. Its Ultra line of batteries works for cameras and other high-capacity electronic devices that require a three-volt battery.
  • Energizer 123 batteries are recommended for devices like cameras, night vision goggles, and rifle scopes and have a 10-year shelf life when stored.
  • Streamlight batteries are compatible with the brands line of flashlights but can also replace any device that requires a three-volt battery. In addition, they have a 10-year shelf life for storage purposes.

What Are Some Benefits of Lithium CR123A Batteries?

Lithium batteries are replacing traditional alkaline batteries more frequently, and there are several reasons why this is happening. Becoming familiar with some features of lithium batteries may make you consider making the switch yourself.

  • These batteries are meant to work with high-current devices. When used with these types of electronics, the power of the batteries may not drain as quickly as it does when you use regular batteries. When it comes to devices that use a large amount of power, lithium batteries fit the bill for everything from alarm systems to cameras.
  • The shelf life of lithium batteries is longer than that of alkaline batteries. Lithium batteries can be stored for up to 10 years, while alkaline versions only last for five to 10 years. CR123A lithium batteries also perform in extreme temperatures.