Loose Lab-Created Diamonds

Bright and Shiny Loose Lab-Created Diamonds for Various Settings

Theres nothing like diamond jewelry for displaying your unique style attributes for everyone to see at a party or a romantic dinner. Lab-created diamonds offer a number of unique qualities, and you can pick from among the diverse varieties that are available in this assortment from eBay.

How are lab-created diamonds different from other diamonds?

While normal diamonds are developed deep beneath the earth under tremendous geological pressure, lab-created diamonds are made in highly controlled laboratory settings. In the lab, scientists painstakingly create conditions that exactly mirror those in which normal diamonds are made, and the result is a product that is just as real as a diamond that was mined out of the earth.

What sorts of cuts are used with lab-created diamonds?

While diamonds that have been created in a lab differ from mined diamonds in many ways, they are offered in the same cuts as diamonds that have been mined. A few examples of some cuts include:

  • Radiant cut: Diamonds that have been cut in radiant style feature facets that extend outward from the center of the stone.
  • Princess cut: Stones that have been prepared in princess style have sharp corners and are four-sided. They feature complex facets.
  • Cushion cut: Cushion-cut diamonds are square, and they have rounded corners.
  • Round cut: Round-cut stones are circular. They feature a central facet that breaks up into eight, 10, or 12 radiant facets.
What colors of lab-created diamonds are available?

Diamonds that have been grown in a lab are available in the same colors as diamonds that have been mined. While its common to believe that diamonds are only available in white or black, these precious gemstones are actually available in many other colors as well. Some of these colors include:

  • Green
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Yellow
  • Steel gray
  • Pink
  • Orange
What carat quality are lab-created diamonds?

Lab-created diamonds are available in the same carat range as mined diamonds. This attribute means that you can purchase large quantity of diamonds that were created in a lab for the same price as a single synthetic diamond.