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M·A·C Lipstick

MAC Lipstick

Makeup comes in many shapes and forms, and MAC offers a wide variety of lipsticks to ensure that you can find the right one for you. Whether you like creamy, matte, or glossy lipstick, this brand has many different shades available. The available MAC lipstick colors range from a natural-looking soft pink to neon blue.

How long does MAC lipstick last?

The average MAC lipstick lasts up to 12 hours. If you are doing a lot of talking, eating, and drinking, you may need to reapply every three to four hours to ensure even coverage.

How does the MAC recycling program work?

As a brand concerned about the environment, MAC has a recycling program that rewards customers for being ecologically inclined. The Back to MAC Program lets you return the casing of select brand products for free MAC lipsticks. You can receive one lipstick per six product packages that you return. consider the lip beauty products as your reward for thinking of the Earths health.

What color selection is available from the brand?

MAC lipsticks come in a variety of colors and finishes so that your lipstick never compromises the look you want. Some of the most common shade selections include:

  • Elle Belle Deep Red
  • Nicki Minajs Nude Soft Corally Pink
  • Bowl Me Over Deep Burnt Brown
  • Plumful Blossoming Rose-Plum
  • Lemony Pastel Yellow
  • Tangerine Dream
  • Very Pale Creamy Peach

The type of color you want depends on the line MAC lip cosmetics line that you choose.

What are some lines within the brand?

MAC lipsticks come in various finishes. Some of the brands lip lines include:

  • MAC Lipsticks: Matte, satin, and nude options from this line take on the traditional form that put MAC lipsticks on the map. You can get an array of colors from this collection that include both modest and extravagant shades.
  • Cremesheen Pearl Lipstick: Beauty has a shimmering texture in this collection. The Cremesheen lipstick line is formulated with ingredients meant to moisturize. Wheat germ and olive extracts are two of many nutrients your lips will receive after one application from this line.
  • Huggable Lip Color: This beauty option destroys the myth that lip color cannot be bold and moisturizing. The Huggable collection has a unique gel base that stays on your lips throughout the day and nourishes the skin. Dehydration is no match for this lipstick line as it plumps dry patches and wrinkles instead of highlighting them.
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