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Meade Telescopes

Meade Telescopes

Meade offers a large selection of telescopes designed to give observers high magnification views of objects through precision optics. Meade supplies other telescope equipment including eyepiece and tripod accessories as well as the electronic Meade Autostar computer controller system. The company also markets solar fillers and solar telescopes that are designed to protect your vision when viewing the sun through an eyepiece during the day.

Does Meade provide updates for Autostars computer controller software?

Meade Autostar does have the capability of updating with information not available when you originally purchase the software. Updates can be downloaded to the Autostar from Meade or through another Autostar controller. When downloading from a computer, you will need to go through a Connector Cable Set, serial port or USB. Exchanging data from one Autostar to another will require a Cable Connector Set, and Meade provides connector specifics for each Autostar handset and telescope.

Does Meade offer different types of telescope mount set-ups?

Meade offers different mounts based on the specific model. Eyepiece, glass, and mirror configuration determine the style of the base an instrument can rest upon while still being able to view an object. A tripod comes standard on all GoTo and German Equatorial set-ups. Alt-Az and manual telescopes will use either a tripod or a swivel mount. Dobsonian and table top configurations use a swivel mount only. Electronic motors and the Autostar system can only be used on specific Meade telescope models.

How many objects are in the database of the Autostar?

Meade has created a database of 30,344 celestial objects that you can view with this navigation instrument. This includes all of the items from the Index (IC), New General (NGC), Caldwell, and Messier (M) catalogs. There are 16,800 stars from the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory (SAO) catalog as well as 99 near-earth celestial bodies included as well.

What celestial bodies can you see through a Meade instrument?

Meade offers models of varying arrangement and size. Usually, the larger the instrument the more things you are able to see with it. Glass and mirror size determine how much light can be collected from celestial bodies. Lenses and other optical accessories determine how much magnification is applied. There is a wide array of things you can see with Meade telescopes, which include the following:

  • The moon, planets, asteroids, and Earth-orbiting satellites
  • Stars, variable stars, and double stars
  • Clusters
  • Nebulae
  • Galaxies
What optical accessories enhance the performance of your instrument?

Meade offers many eyepieces with different levels of magnification, including Plössl style lenses. Colored filters are available for lunar and planetary observations as well as electronic micro-focusers. Observing the Sun during the day requires equipment made specifically for that purpose.

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