Men's White Gold Bracelets

Mens White Gold Bracelets

Mens jewelry comes in many styles and varieties and can be a great way to showcase your individual style. Specifically, mens white gold bracelets could be a great addition to many ensembles. When shopping for jewelry of this kind, there are a few things that can be helpful to keep in mind.

What are some bracelets that are available for men?

Knowing whats available to you can be helpful when shopping for any kind of jewelry or accessories.

  • Cuff: These are a bangle type bracelet that has a circular shape and fits the wrist somewhat loosely. A good fitting cuff should give you enough space to turn it without resistance when its on your wrist.
  • Bangle: Bangles tend to lack clasps or hooks. They are generally constructed of on a continuous piece of metal or gold. They can be inlaid with many different precious stones or designs. Many bangles even contain diamonds.
  • Chain: These are handmade in many cases and consist if a string of links that are usually closed by a clasp. They can be small or very thick and come in many styles.
How will you know your wrist size?

Common lengths usually range between 7.5 to 9 inches. Knowing what size you will need is very important, whether youre getting a cuff, bangle, or chain or link bracelet. The correct fit will determine your comfort level and help you to better showcase your jewelry. These steps may help you understand your size.

  • Step1: Measure your wrist directly below your wrist bone. You can do this by wrapping a tape measure or string around it.
  • Step 2: Determine how many inches are used after wrapping the circle around your wrist. A ruler can be helpful for this if youve used string or paper.
  • Step 3: Add one-quarter inch for every inch so that you will have adequate space to remove the bracelet and wear it comfortably. For instance, if your wrist is 5 inches around, your ideal bracelet size will be 6.25 inches long.
What are some features of white gold?

There are a few reasons that this particular type of gold is a great choice for a mens chain or link bracelet.

  • This kind of gold looks very similar to platinum.
  • This gold is a fantastic option for those with sensitive skin.
  • White gold can come in many mildly varying shades so its very versatile.
  • Gold that is white, like other types of gold, tends to retain its sheen very well when properly cared for.