Military Binocular & Monoculars

Enhance Your Visual Range With Military Binoculars or Monoculars

Military binoculars come in a wide variety of models that are suitable for members of the armed forces and everyday civilians. Each model includes several features that might make your viewing experience more convenient or unique. You can browse through the selection of military binoculars and monoculars on eBay to see which ones are right for you.

What magnification levels can you choose for your military binoculars?

Most binoculars used by the military will feature the same set of numbers that you would expect to find on any set. These numbers usually appear in pairs and tell you how much magnification your military binoculars can achieve. Some military-issue binoculars can magnify an object up to 25 times. You can use eBay to select the level you prefer. The numbers include the following:

  • First - The first number will tell you the overall strength of the magnification your military surplus binoculars can provide. You can use this number to determine how much closer on the scene or object will appear through the lens.
  • Second - The second number is an indication of the size of the objective lens. This is measured in millimeters. The size of the objective lens tells you how much light can pass through it and how bright the view will be.
Can you choose some features for your military binoculars?

Many military-grade binoculars or monoculars include additional features that you might find useful. You can browse through eBays entire selection of products, or you can choose some of your favorite features from the list to see which binoculars have them. Some common options you will come across are the following:

  • Anti-reflection coating - Some lenses have a special layer that is designed to help cut down on the glare that might interfere with your viewing experience in bright conditions or direct light.
  • Night vision - Night vision mode can illuminate the viewfinders from within the binoculars and allow you to see objects in the dark without using a visible light.
  • Compass - A few military binoculars feature a digital compass. This compass can give you a readout of your current direction and may help you triangulate your position.
Can you purchase military binoculars in various sizes?

You may wish to purchase a few sets of military binoculars or monoculars in different sizes for your convenience. Having binoculars in multiple sizes available can help you adapt to different viewing situations. Some common sizes you can choose from are full-size binoculars, mid-size versions, and compact binoculars that might be easier to carry.