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Nike Air Max Sneakers for Women

Nike Air Max Athletic Shoes for Women

Athletic shoes can be worn for sports such as running, hiking or walking, or for casual purposes. Choosing the ideal Nike sneakers can be a challenge with such a wide variety of footwear available. This guide is meant to help you select an appropriate women’s Air Max athletic shoe.

What should you consider when shopping for Air Max shoes?

  • The type- Nike’s Air Max line of shoes has many different products with distinctive features. You should learn about the different types before settling on a certain pair.
  • The design- The Air Max line of shoes have a variety of designs.
  • The color- You should also consider the different colors available. Most ready-made shoes have a blend of colors. Color does not have an impact on the overall functionality of the shoe, but can help to complete a particular style.
  • The size- Size is an important factor to consider since it will affect the overall comfort of the shoe.

What are the different types of Nike Air Max sneakers?

There are many different types of Air Max sneakers for women available. Here are some options:

  • Nike Air Max 95- This running shoe is also known as the Air Total Max. It was released in 1995 and is designed to resemble the anatomy of the human foot.
  • Nike Air Max I- This shoe was released in 1987 and is known for the visible Air unit in the midsole.
  • Nike Air Max 97- This athletic shoe was first released in 1989, with a full-length Air bag design.
  • Nike Air Max III- These sneakers feature a TPU panel around the Duromesh, Air bubble and the upper part of the shoes.
  • Nike Air Max Uptempo- This basketball shoe was first designed in 1995 with a modern look.

Other models in the Air Max line include Nike Air Max Penny I, Nike Air Griffey Max I, Nike Air Max 270, and Nike Air Max 2011.

How should you choose the size?

Although Nike Air Max brand shoes are designed with Air units for comfort, the sneakers need to fit. This footwear is not supposed to fit like casual shoes, so you shouldn’t refer to the length and width of your regular shoes.Nike athletic shoes for women should have wiggle room of about the size of your thumb at the front. At the heel, the shoe should not slip at all. When running, your feet will swell and will need that extra space to remain comfortable.It is advisable to measure the length and width of your foot, and then refer to the size charts for the best fit.

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