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Nokia Silver Cell Phones & Smartphones

Silver Smartphones and Cell Phones From Nokia

The Nokia brand produces cell phones and smartphones with touch screens, which have become a staple amongst casual phone users looking to browse the internet, or professionals that conduct business from their phones. Different generations of the mobile apparatus are available with a silver lining in their corpus.

What types of phones are there?

Plain cell phones are those with buttons for operation and dialing, while smartphones, including Androids, use only the menu displayed on the screen that are manipulated with the finger. The original non-smartphone versions may or may not have color screens, and the screen size typically differs. The different models of cell phones are:

  • Bar - Bar versions have a singular frame that has all the buttons and the screen on the front panel.
  • Flip - Flip Nokia silver mobile versions have a display that is folded over the buttons or opened up to be viewed. The numbers are dialed, and the call is picked up when the display frame is opened up.
  • Slider - Slider Nokia apparatus have a frame that slides over the main frame with the buttons. It can partially operate with a closed display. When you want to dial a number, the display is slid over the bottom corpus. Some slide models have only a sliding protector over the keyboard.
What are the different cameras on the apparatus?

Not all models have cameras, but most do. Those that do have their cameras positioned in different places on the corpus. Most smartphones have two of them - one on the front and one on the back panel. Slide and flip version can also have two cameras. Most cell phone models have a single camera on the back panel for taking pictures. The Mega Pixel (MP) number on the definition shows the resolution of the pictures taken. The higher the MP value, the higher resolution of pictures that are taken with the device.

Is there a difference in storage capacity?

Different storage capacities are available. The different capacities are as follows:

  • 7.8 MB
  • 2 GB
  • 16 GB
  • 32 GB
  • 64 GB
What are some different features available?

Different features included with these devices include:

  • 3G Data Capable - capable of receiving 3G internet information
  • 4G Data Capable - capable of connecting to a 4G internet network
  • Bluetooth - can connect with other apparatus in close proximity via Bluetooth
  • Dual SIM - has a slot for 2 SIM cards to be inserted which means that two phone numbers can be used on the same apparatus
  • GPS - can connect to GPS coordinates
  • Music Player
  • QWERTY Keyboard - has a keyboard with the letters for direct typing
  • Wi-Fi Capable - can connect to a Wi-Fi network
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