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Northwestern Vintage Golf Clubs & Shafts

Northwestern Vintage Golf Clubs Shafts

Northwestern vintage golf equipment dates as far back as 1929, and the company was in business for more than half a century. Vintage golf clubs, golf shafts, and putter heads may contain materials such as steel and wood. Northwestern vintage golf equipment includes golf clubs and shafts as well as putters and other tour related equipment.

What kinds of materials are used in vintage equipment?

Vintage equipment uses a variety of materials that vary from one item to the next. Vintage drivers will generally contain various types of wood. A vintage shaft may be made of steel which allows for a different flex from contemporary golf equipment. In general, vintage equipment used material common in previous decades.

Does vintage equipment affect the ball differently?

Because vintage equipment is made of different materials than contemporary equipment, there may be a different effect on the ball from swing to swing. Each one of the golf shafts, from the shaft of a putter to the shaft on other golf clubs, can offer a unique flex on each drive. Additionally, the skill of the player is an important factor when it comes to the performance of the golf club, which can include everything from the putter to the golf shafts, as well as the flex of each club.

What equipment does Northwestern offer?

Northwestern vintage golf equipment consists of many types of equipment, such as drivers, clubs of every size, and a variety of putters of various materials and model names. Northwestern putters come in multiple configurations, including putters with bamboo and other wood shaft models. Northwestern drivers may also consist of various types of wood heads.

What is the history of Northwestern?

In the 1970s and into the 1980s, Northwestern was the largest manufacturer of golf equipment by units made. The company was a family-owned and -operated business for several decades. Among the types of equipment manufactured by the company were the Thunderbird model irons as well as many other clubs, woods, and other golf equipment.

Has Northwestern equipment been used on tour?

Several decades ago, there were some players who used this equipment on tour. These tours ranged from the professional to the amateur level. Each type of golf club is designed for use in either casual, competitive or tour play. However, each piece of equipment should be properly inspected to make sure it is up to the standards of the player as well as the course used for play.