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Remington Rifle Parts

Remington Rifle Parts

If you own or shoot guns, you know how important it is to have quality parts. Your gun is only as good as its parts and how smoothly they work together; parts may need to be replaced or swapped out. Therefore, knowing how each rifle part supports and contributes to your shot is essential in creating your ideal experience.

What Remington rifle parts are available?

Whether you need a replacement part or have decided to customize your Remington gun, there are several different parts that are available. Researching each part that you might need will help you build your gun to your own specifications. No matter what your needs might be, Remington has many rifle parts that will help you meet them. Here are just some of the gun parts available:

  • Rifle triggers
  • Rifle barrels
  • Rifle stocks
  • Rifle actions
  • Rifle sights
What is a gun action?

The action is the first building block when it comes to a customized bolt gun. It secures the pieces together while moving the ammunition and empty casings through the platform. A gun’s action has several responsibilities: loading a cartridge, lighting the primer, maintaining the chamber pressure, extracting the leftover brass, and removing it. A quality action should have the following characteristics:

  • Lightweight: Generally, they should weigh no more than 2.5 pounds. This allows them to do their job efficiently and safely while not adding too much extra weight to the entire gun. Too much weight can make it harder to handle while decreasing the performance and safety of the rifle.
  • Rigidity: An ideal bedding surface is provided by the cylindrical action, which means it has more attachment to the stock, making it a very rigid system. A rigid system decreases the chance for a bullet to be diverted when it goes down the barrel. This increases the accuracy of the rifle.
What does the stock do?

Also known as a gunstock, the stock of a gun is the portion of the firearm that the firing mechanism and barreled action are attached to. The stock is held up against the shoulder when you shoot your firearm and transmits the recoil to you. Gunstocks come in many different shapes and sizes so that you can obtain a secure fit that will enhance the rifles accuracy. Historically, stocks have been crafted from durable woods. Removable ones are being made out of steel or alloy to provide more strength and durability.

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