Remote Control Ceiling Fans

Choosing Ceiling Fans With Remote Controls

You live in a hot and humid location where the breeze barely stirs to give you comfort, but dont want the high energy bills associated with air conditioning units. Install ceiling fans with remote controls instead, from reputable brands such as Emerson, Modern Fan, Minka-Aire, and White, to meet your needs. You keep cool as they improve airflow through the rooms in your home and save on energy bills. At the touch of a handheld remote button, you can adjust a number of controls, such as switching off the lights and fan from your cozy spot in bed, without having to get out of it.

How Do I Determine the Type of Ceiling Fan With Remote Control for Me?

Although there are different types of ceiling fans with remotes, a number of factors determine which type is ideal for your home or business. Consider the following:

  • Indoor Ceiling Fans: These include the standard, the dual motor with twin blades, the hugger, flush-mounted or low-profile fans with remotes, as well as those that feature an integrated light kit with a bulb. The height of your walls usually determines the type of indoor ceiling fan you need. For example, the low-profile ceiling fan is ideal for rooms that are less than 8 feet high as it is flush-mounted to the ceiling, while a standard one does well in rooms with a height of more than 8 feet because it accommodates the metal downrod from which the fan hangs.
  • Outdoor Fans: Manufacturers rate these for their resistance to moisture and they are usually available as damp or wet fans. Fans with remotes and a damp rating have a light resistance to moisture, and usually work well in covered locations, such as a patio or veranda. On the other hand, those with a wet rating withstand wet outdoor conditions, such as snow and rain in uncovered patios and gazebos. Some outdoor fans also feature a light kit so you can control lighting as well.
  • Style: Select a ceiling fan with remote control in a color and finish that complements your decor.

What Are the Advantages of Ceiling Fan Remotes?

Handheld remote controls use infrared, Wi-Fi, or radio frequencies to send and receive commands. Unlike wall-mounted switches that require you to move physically to adjust anything, a remote control in your hand frees you to adjust whatever you wish from any location within range. Remotes offer you the following benefits:

  • Convenience: Enjoy the freedom of adjusting the blade speed or light from any location within range. Remotes are also highly convenient for places with very high ceilings, as well as for the elderly and those sick in bed as they dont need to move to make any adjustments.
  • Control: With most ceiling fan remotes, you can change the speed and the direction of the blades on those that have reversible blades. Additionally, if it features integrated lighting, you can make adjustments, such as switching the light on and off and dimming.

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