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Samsung Water Filter Water Filters

Picking the Right Samsung Refrigerator Water Filter for Your Unit

One of the most important aspects of refrigerator maintenance that is often overlooked is replacing the water filter regularly. The Samsung water filter keeps your water clean and flowing properly, and it also keeps your ice maker in top shape. You can find many Samsung genuine refrigerator water filters on eBay, making replacing your Samsung fridge filter even easier.

What is filtered out by the Samsung refrigerator water filter?

Filters like the Samsung DA29 00020B refrigerator water filter use a carbon block that filters 99% of contaminants. This fridge filter takes out the following:

  • Microbial cysts - This includes parasites that are commonly found in lakes and rivers such as cyrptosporidium.
  • Heavy metals - This includes lead, mercury, arsenic, aluminum, and other toxic metals.
  • Chemicals - Chemicals from industrial waste such as oils and grease are filtered out, as are pharmaceutical contaminants.
  • Chlorine odor and taste - When water goes through to be cleaned, chlorine is used to kill bacteria. The chlorine often leaves a bad taste and smell. This filter takes care of that.
When to replace the Samsung refrigerator water filter

Over time, the Samsung model refrigerator water filter will need to be replaced in order to ensure your water stays clean and free from contaminants. The Samsung water filter can filter up to 300 gallons before it needs to be replaced. Your refrigerator will have a filter indicator light that will turn red when replacement is necessary. It is also recommended that you change out your filter every three to four months even if you have not used 300 gallons of water because the filter can still get dirty as they age even if you havent been actively using them. You may want to write the date of install on the filter when you put it in to make it easier to keep track of so that you can ensure you always have good water quality.

Buying genuine Samsung replacement filters

It may be tempting to purchase generic replacement filters. This could be beneficial because youll save money upfront. However, generic filters do not last as long as the ones that are specifically designed to fit your fridge, and they also are not guaranteed to fit your fridge like the ones that are manufactured by the maker of the fridge. If you choose to buy off-brand filters, be sure to do your research and make sure they have good reviews that indicate they are comparable to Samsung.

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