Spiral Curls Wigs & Hairpieces

Spiral Curl Wigs and Hairpieces

Create the curlicue look youve always adored with a spiral curl wig, extension, or hairpiece. You can get a natural-looking spiral curl piece in virtually any color and size. Your new look will require minimal styling; whether you opt for short, tight spirals or longer, more luxurious ones, upkeep will be easy.

How do you choose a spiral curl hair wig?
  • Determine your size by taking accurate head measurements.
  • Choose a hair type. Choices include human hair, non-human hair, and heat-safe non-human hair. If you want to be able to use a curling iron to touch up your curly top, make sure to choose natural human or heat-resistant synthetic.
  • Select a cap type. Cap styles include classic "capless," monofilament, hand-tied, and lace front. Some cap styles will allow you to part and style a wig in multiple ways while others provide a more fixed look that is durable in many different conditions.
  • Choose a style. Decide if you want shorter or longer styling with or without bangs or with tighter or looser spiral curls.
  • Choose a color. Color options for curly headpieces run the gamut from bleach blonde, brown, and auburn to jet-black. Non-natural colors are available in every hue of the rainbow and metallic options.
How do you maintain the curls in synthetic wigs?
  • Wash your hairpiece in cold water and air dry.
  • Remove your synthetic wig before going to bed. Storing it on a stand between uses will help it keep its curl.
  • If you have a wig made from natural hair, you will be able to implement the use of curling irons and other heating devices.
  • Picks that are designed for curly hair are a smart choice to use to style curly wigs. You can also use your fingers to gently shape your curls.
How do you maintain curly wigs?

Whether you have tight corkscrews or soft curls, the following method can help you keep them looking sleek:

  • Prepare a spray bottle, cold water, and fabric softener, which acts as an effective conditioning agent.
  • Measure out equal parts liquid fabric softener and cold water. Pour into the bottle and mix well.
  • Spray the mixture onto your hairpiece until it is thoroughly wet.
  • Lightly wrap your hairpiece in a towel, taking care not to rub. Care can keep your wig tangle-free.
  • Place the hairpiece on a supportive stand and allow it to air dry. It should be stored on a stand long-term for good results.