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Thorens Vintage Record Players

What You Need to Know About Thorens Turntables

In 1881, the Swiss company of Thorens was founded, and since then, it has been known for its high-end audio equipment and especially for its turntables. Thorens produced its first electric turntable in 1928 and continues producing turntables now. Some of its vintage models are sought after by collectors for their excellent audio sound.

What should you look for in a vintage turntable?

When choosing a Thorens vintage turntable on eBay, there are some key features you should look for if you want a turntable that will produce reliable vintage sound. Certain features are necessary for producing excellent sound and consistent record play. These include:

  • Tracking counterweight adjustment: This is the large hunk of metal at the back end of the tone arm. It is necessary for controlling the pressure on your record during play.
  • Auto return function: This is where the needle will automatically go back to its resting point once the record is finished. This is not necessary for play, but it is a nice perk.
  • Cueing lever: Again, this is not necessary for play, but does make life easier. This is when you position the needle over the record, and it slowly drops into place.
  • Grounding wire: On vintage models, there should be a wire that comes out of the back in addition to the plug. This wire connects to the receiver and eliminates annoying hums and other noises when the record is playing.
Do you want a direct-drive or belt-driven turntable?

Turntables come in two types. They can be driven by a belt or be direct drive. A direct-drive turntable uses a motor under the table to make it rotate, so you have more control over the turning speed. If you get a belt-driven one, the belt will need to be replaced over time to keep the table running well. Turntable aficionados have debated the merits of both, but it truly is personal preference.

Where are Thorens turntables made?

While Thorens got its start in Switzerland, Thorens turntables can be made in Germany or Switzerland. They are known for their solid composition and are still very sought-after turntables after all these years. Turntables like the Thorens TD 145, Thorens TD 165, and Thorens td180 are used by people who want solid constructions and who are looking for a certain type of sound. These pre-owned vintage turntables can be found on eBay.

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