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Tipton Hunting Gun Snap Caps

Tipton Gun Snap Caps

Snap caps are used when checking or adjusting the trigger pull on a gun to avoid dropping the firing pin on an empty chamber. Damage to the firing pin due to dry firing an unloaded weapon often leads to expensive repairs.

How do Tipton snap caps work?

You load the caps into the chamber of a six-shooter or into the magazine of a semi-automatic handgun as you would normal bullets. These caps from Tipton are made with polymer plastic cartridge bodies and brass primer bases. The brass primer cannot ignite, and the cartridge doesnt contain any gunpowder. The caps thus act as dummies that cannot discharge.

What are the uses of these caps?

Common uses for these snap caps include:

  • Practice loading and unloading - Putting rounds into a chamber then emptying them is something shooters should practice, but doing so with live ammunition creates obvious dangers. Running through loading/unloading with harmless snap caps eliminates the chances of an unwanted discharge.
  • Practice trigger pulling and firing - 9mms and other models can have heavy or light trigger pulls. Owners need to know exactly how strong or weak the pulls are. Dry firing a weapon can potentially cause damage, so using caps provides a safer firing pin buffer allowing "shooting" without any discharge.
  • Preservation during storage - The hammer spring on a six-shooter can come under pressure over time when placed in storage. Putting caps into the gun allows for a lessening of tension which helps preserve the springs.
Why is there a spring inside the cap?

Upon dry firing a pistol, the pin hits the bottom of the cap. The spring cushions the pin so the part doesnt suffer undue impact or stress. This preserves the weapon and cuts down on the chance of costly repairs.

What calibers does Tipton make caps for?

You can purchase packs of Tipton snap caps in a variety of different options, such as 9mm and .22. Various other calibers such as .357 Magnum/.38 Special, .45 ACP, .380 Auto, .44 Magnum, and even less-common selections such as .410 shotgun and .32 ACP can also be found.

Do Tipton snap caps work with all gun brands?

It doesnt matter whether you own a Glock, Ruger, or other brand. If the dummy rounds from the pack match the appropriate bullet, they should fit. Once in place, the polymer rounds serve their intended purpose in dry fire practice and other practice applications.

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