Wheelchair Batteries

Never Run Out of Power With A Quality Wheelchair Battery

Batteries for electric wheelchairs must function properly at all times. For mobility, you rely on your power wheelchair battery life to get you through a full day without having to stop and recharge. Finding power chair batteries is easy and affordable when you shop on eBay.

Can you use any type of electric wheelchair battery replacement?

There are several electric wheelchair battery types. The cell types for electric wheelchair batteries are a wet-cell (lead acid), a gel-celled, and AGM (Absorbed Glass Matt). All electric wheelchair battery types are Sealed Lead Acid (SLA), which are spill-proof for safety. Manufacturers may recommend a specific cell-type of wheelchair battery for their model for better performance. Voltage and amps on batteries differ as well. Most electric chairs take a 12v 55ah wheelchair battery, but some models take 9ah, 10ah, 12ah, or 35ah 12-volt battery.

Should you replace an old wheelchair battery?

You should always replace your batteries when problems occur like when your electric wheelchair battery will not charge. When you know how to charge a dead wheelchair battery, and you still have no power, or you lose power quickly, its time to replace your power wheelchair battery. You can get replacement power chair batteries at a reasonable electric wheelchair batteries price from eBay. Youll be able to choose from AGM, gel, and wet-cell batteries at the correct power level needed for different electric wheelchairs, so eBay is a simple way to find the right batteries.

Can you use any charger for your power chair batteries?

Along with a replacement power wheelchair battery, you will also find battery chargers for sale on eBay. Using a charger that didnt come with your electric wheelchair could damage it, so its smart to use the charger that came with your power chair. If you must change out your wheelchair battery charger, you can search eBay to locate the same model. Double check that you are getting the correct manufacturer model of charger and wheelchair battery for your needs.

How long will electric wheelchair batteries last?

Most fully-charged power wheelchair batteries should last around 8 hours and go up to 10 miles. Some models can reach close to 20 miles in a single charge. The distance your chair can travel will shorten when your wheelchair battery gets older. You can expect your batteries to last one to two years with regular use. The following factors can cause your electric wheelchair batteries to wear out sooner:

  • Activity level: How much you do in one day, as well as the terrain you traverse (hills or rocky surfaces), will influence battery lifespan.
  • Weight: Your weight affects battery life. More weight requires extra power to move the chair. Avoid frequently carrying heavy objects.
  • Improper charging: Draining your battery to zero, or charging it when theres still a decent charge left (50% or more) will shorten lifespan.
  • Leaving it connected: Not disconnecting battery terminals when the wheelchair is idle for long periods will drain and damage the battery.