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Whirlpool Water Filters

Whirlpool Water Filters

Refrigerator water filters ensure that the water you drink is potable, tastes good, and is healthy. Whirlpool water filters are no different, working to purify both the water and ice your refrigerator delivers to you. Compatible with many different brands of refrigerator, Whirlpool water filters are a great feature to have.

How effective is the standard Whirlpool water filter?

Whirlpool water filters use carbon as a filtration medium, with a specialized design made to remove incredibly small particles and sediments from your drinking water. It is effective against most common contaminants and chemicals found in tap water, including chlorine. Carbon also has the benefit of removing odors and improving the taste of water while it filters.

How do you reset the filter light on a Whirlpool?

Resetting the change filter light is a simple process after youve replaced the filter. For a Whirlpool, just press down and release the light switch five times. Do this within a 10 second period. After doing this, the change filter light should turn off.

How often should you replace your water filter?

To ensure the maximum quality when it comes to taste and safety, its recommended that you replace a Whirlpool filter every six months. This may change based on your water usage and the overall water quality in your area, as well as the type of filter you use.

How do you replace the water filter on a refrigerator?

Depending on the make and model of refrigerator and filter setup you have, this process could happen in one of three ways. Regardless, remember to flush the air from your water line after changing a filter. Do this by using a cup to press on the dispenser in five second intervals until water begins to flow again, then by holding it down continuously for two minutes to ensure water will flow consistently.

  • Push Button: The filter cap will be in the base grille, released by pushing an eject button. When ejected, pull the cap (not twist), and turn counterclockwise. Remove and discard the old filter, then install the new one following the package instructions.
  • Quarter Turn: The filter cap will be in the base grille, released by twisting counterclockwise until the markings on top assume a vertical position. Remove the cap by moving it right or left, then replace the filter as instructed on the package before returning the cap.
  • Bottom Mount: The filter will be in the upper area of the fresh food compartment. If it is labeled PUSH, push it in and down to remove. If it is labeled PULL, pull forward gently to remove. Insert the new filter and turn clockwise until it locks into place.