Women's 100% Cashmere Socks

Womens 100% Cashmere Socks

Cashmere is a luxurious natural fiber that women and men enjoy wearing. It is soft, warm, and made from pure wool. Many styles of clothing are available in the comfortable material. Cashmere socks are popular, and many people prefer them over cotton socks. The natural stretchability of cashmere material makes it easy to wear. Loungewear, socks and other garments are available in the material. Socks are available in a variety of materials are fun to give or receive as gifts, and they are a clothing accessory that is always needed. The price of cashmere socks will vary. Design, package size, and brand impacts the cost factor. Cashmere blend socks are typically available at a lower price.

How to Care for Cashmere Socks?

The gentle fibers in cashmere require extra special care and handling. Proper cleaning and care of cashmere socks extend their longevity and appearance. The type of shoe worn with cashmere sock will also have an impact on the sock. They are better preserved when worn with soft shoes, comfort slippers, or moccasins. The sock endures more pressure when constantly worn with heavy-duty or hard shoes. Keep the socks away from items that will cause snags or rips in them. Wash cashmere items together and separate from other material such as cotton. Follow these suggestions for cashmere blend or pure cashmere socks.

  • Pre-wash. Wash cashmere items prior to wear.
  • Handwash cashmere socks. Wash women, men or kids cashmere clothing by hand. This allows the owner to control the temperature of the water and gentle treatment cycle throughout the wash. These are two of the most important factors during the wash cycle.
  • Do not machine wash. The delicate setting on the machine is not the same as a hand wash. The material will begin to bulk or change in consistency over time if washed by machine.
  • Use soft soap. Prepare cold water, soft laundry soap and a mild color preserver. Mix the solution well and add the cashmere socks.
  • Gently rinse. Remove socks from wash water. Rinse winter socks, booties, tube socks, and other cashmere socks in cold water.
  • Let the socks air dry. Lay socks in a dry area and allow to dry naturally.

What Style Cashmere Socks are Available?

Socks add class and excitement to clothing. Cashmere socks women and men are available in all colors, lengths, styles, and patterns. Cashmere bed socks are an example of socks that deliver warmth and comfort in style. Pure cashmere bed socks are designed to match a variety of pajama types, nightwear, or t-shirts, the socks enhance a good nights sleep. Cashmere socks unisex designs permit them to be worn by men and women. Two-tone, solid colors, striped, and other pattern legwear matches a variety of womens wardrobe. Women can find the natural fiber socks in a variety of styles.

  • Knee-high: Worn to the knee with loafers and skirts or other styles.
  • Crew length: Worn with dress wear, skirts, dresses and other style clothing.
  • High socks: Worn with mini-skirts, shorts and other looks. This is a fun sock that expresses personality.
  • Mid-calf: Designed to fit comfortably and sits at the middle of the calf. Worn with pants, skirts and other styles.
  • Tights: A dressy version of the cashmere footwear option. Designed with comfortable toe area and warm to wear.
  • Anklet: Available in many colors and worn to fit just at the ankle. Can be paired with a variety of styles.
  • Bed socks: Socks made of cozy cashmere materials that are designed for lounging around the house or for sleep.