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adidas Superstar Women's Shoes Large

About adidas Superstar Shoes

A streetwear staple, the adidas Superstar has been immortalized in hip-hop music videos, teen soap operas and even high-fashion editorials. Instantly recognizable as one of adidas' most iconic styles, the Superstar works with any look, from preppy to punk to hardcore logo fanatics. Simple and straightforward, the Superstar is a workhorse sneaker, especially in adidas' hardy leathers. But opting for suede will offer up a more casual look and the brand's rarer fabric releases — even denim — are a collector's dream. It's not just the upper that gets remixed, either. The brand isn't against adding holographic, floral and even metallic three-strap branding.
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adidas Superstar Sneakers for Women

Rock the Look With Adidas Superstar Shoes (Womens)

The right shoe can make a big difference in your stamina and performance. Adidas Superstar shoes for women have been around since they were first manufactured in 1969. Starting out as a low-profile court shoe, there are now dozens of versions, many of which are listed on eBay.

Characteristics of an Adidas Superstar shoe

These shoes started out with an all-leather upper, rubber shelltoe, and a non-marking sole, making them ideal for use on the basketball or tennis court. Many models are designed with contrasting colors, with one base color and another color used in the three white stripes and the upper heel. There have been a few modifications in some of the shoes, and you can find different materials in the upper, straight or zig-zag stripes, and different shape profiles.

What kind of variations are available in original Adidas Superstar shoes?

There are numerous spins on the classic black and white Superstar that still hold true to the original feel. In looking for a new or used shoe on eBay, you can consider the following factors:

  • Color: The choices are vast. Many of the shoes have a white base color with stripes in either black, red, blue, or gray. There are also shoes that have the same color throughout, including in the stripes. There are unicolor Superstar shoes in tan, green, blue, black, and pink, for example. Another option is to have one color on the upper, the laces, and the stripes paired with a white sole.
  • Material: The rubber toe is the traditional choice, but some originals come with a velvet toe for a softer look. Also, the upper material can either be made out of a smooth leather or a suede.
  • Laces: The laces that come with the shoe could either be thin or thick. The thicker laces have an 80s feel to them and might work if youre going for a retro look.
Newer Adidas Superstar shoes for women

The company has continued to innovate, releasing several other types of shoes in the Superstar collection. They include the following shoes:

  • Slip-on shoes: Having the same overall shape as the original, these shoes have a neoprene upper that can stretch to allow the foot to slip in and out.
  • 80s shoes: These have a matte-finish metal shell toe for some added bling.
  • 80s CF shoes: Made out of a soft suede, this footwear has two hook-and-loop straps rather than laces.
  • Luxe boots: In this model, the company combined a combat boot with the Superstar shoe. They have a leather footbed and lining, extra long laces, and embroidered stripes.
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